Why Do I Do What I Do?

Why Do I Do What I Do?

Four years into a Neuroscience PhD program, life threw me a giant curveball: I was diagnosed with a terminal diagnosis of a rare genetic disease. I was 28 years old. This diagnosis turned my life upside down and then led me on a path of radical self-love and self-care. In order to live, I had to start asking myself: What if you were the love of your life? 

Through my experience, I’ve come to find that the secret to living is self-love. Self-love is incredibly powerful and transformative. Yet, it remains one of the most under taught, undervalued skills on the planet. I’m on a mission to change this, by helping others cultivate a life-changing practice of self-love and self-care. 

In 2019, I founded Soullutions by Arliss to help entrepreneurs, professionals, and busy human beings who are struggling in their life and business. My personal journey to self-love and healing, combined with my extensive education and professional experience make me unique as a coach. 

I have an MBA from the University of the People, a Masters Degree in Neuroscience from the University of Iowa, and an Inner MBA from Sounds True University. I am currently pursuing a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification at Sounds True University. Before starting my coaching business, I held positions in business management, taught science at the University of California Merced, and served as a Deputy Coroner.

I’m a big believer in the magic of our individual stories and the power of storytelling to affect positive change in this world. I’m a member of Toastmasters and a frequent speaker at international conferences and events. In 2021, I co-founded The Body Positivity Podcast which I host with my friend Diana Gremillion. 

In my free time, you can find me in the Pacific ocean, painting, or playing with my three chihuahuas – Tonks, Moony, and Fluffy. I live in Waimea on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii with my partner Matthew.

“We need to be willing to let our intuition guide us, and then be willing to follow that guidance directly and fearlessly.”

~ Shakti Gawain