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Compassionate Communication in Business – My Five Key Takeaways from 22 TalkSHIFTS, by Krister Ungerböch

Let’s face it. We humans can be pretty terrible at communication. If you look at conflict — from the microcosm of your life, to the macrocosm of the world stage — you’re bound to find a communication breakdown. The world of entrepreneurship is no exception. Business is built on relationships and relationships require communication to […]

Emotions and Entrepreneurship: How your ability to process difficult emotions can help you succeed in business

As humans, we are emotional creatures. Just because you’ve got your business hat on, that fact doesn’t go away. You might be thinking…but aren’t emotions, well…unprofessional? Nope! In fact, ignoring or suppressing your emotions can sabotage your business. The key is learning how to process them in a healthy way. A growing number of entrepreneurs […]

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